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How to fold a throw pillow

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How to fold a throw pillow

But how to fold a throw into a cushion? Throws , due to their generally bulky and soft nature, can take up a lot of space. You may usually store them in a basket or on the edge of your sofa , but perhaps you want to save space while organizing them more aesthetically . If this is the case, discover a folding method that allows your throws to resemble cushions .

Cocooning blanket sofa blanket fleece blanket

Our tip for folding a throw into a cushion

The trick is to overlap the blanket in thirds to create a long, thin rectangular shape. Next, fold one of the sides inward to form a small rectangle in the opposite direction. Repeat this step until you are two folds from the end of the blanket. At this point, fold the opposite side of the blanket inwards , then insert the rectangular packet into the other side to hold the whole thing together. Once this has been done, your “ cushion ” can simply be pressed against the sofa cushions and unfolded as you wish.

Cocooning blanket sofa blanket fleece blanket

The advantages of this folding technique are multiple for the blanket

First of all, it gives the throws a more organized look , providing an ideal storage solution for those bulky items . If you have old throws that you no longer use , this ingenious method can give them a second life in the form of cushions, thus adding a touch of sofa throw to your interior. Additionally, it can save you money , as throw pillows can sometimes be expensive .

For those preferring to store their throws in a closet or on a shelf , this technique ensures that they always stay together and appear tidier . In addition, it can maximize space by allowing more throws to be stored in a given area, these being compacted into small rectangles. Finally, this clever fold can also come in handy when traveling , as it eliminates the need to carry both a blanket and a pillow , as a single throw can serve both functions.

As you explore other folding shapes, you might also opt to create a small cylinder . To do this, start by forming a long, thin rectangle , then fold one side towards the opposite direction just once. From the other end, roll the blanket until you reach the crease, then insert the roll into the other side. This method offers an interesting alternative to the rectangular cushion , adding a fleece throw dimension to your interior decoration.

Cocooning blanket sofa blanket fleece blanket

Another plaid folding technique to try is creating a knot

Roll the blanket into a large tube from the longest side. Then, simply tie the fabric tube into a knot and slide the sides toward the center to hold it together. This tip has the added advantage of giving your cushion a unique appearance , similar to those sold at high prices in stores. So, folding a throw that you already own can allow you to make substantial savings while bringing a touch of cocooning throw to your space.

As you delve deeper into these creative folding techniques, you'll discover new ways to transform your throws into versatile decorative accessories. These tips are not only limited to saving space and organization , but they also offer an opportunity to give a second life to forgotten items and save a lot of money . Cocooning blanket sofa blanket fleece blanket

The folding process thus becomes a form of artistic expression , with each fold carefully orchestrated to create an aesthetic and functional result. Interestingly, this approach goes beyond simple household organization. It offers a creative solution to storage problems, transforming utilitarian objects into decorative pieces. Folding thus becomes a way to reinvent domestic space , adding a touch of creativity to everyday functionality.

In conclusion, creatively folding throws to transform them into cushions offers a practical and aesthetic solution to maximize storage space, reorganize the interior of the house and bring forgotten objects back to life . These ingenious techniques not only optimize organization, but they also transform a mundane gesture into a form of artistic expression accessible to all. So, whether you choose folding into a rectangular cushion , a small cylinder or a knot , explore these methods creatively and find the solution that best suits your space and your style, thus adding a touch of sofa throw, fleece throw and cocooning blanket to your decor.

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